How to Index My Website On Google

Dear Friends lets know in detail How to Index My Website On Google because Nowadays Internet has become an important and Integral part of our professional and personal life, and the presence of a website in our life is very essential in this Digital Era.

How to Index My Website On Google

Let us learn in a very simple way how to index a website on Google. It is very important to index your website properly in Google, because it helps your website to appear in Google’s search results which can help you to rank your article.

What is Indexing :

Indexing is a process in which Google or other Search Engines scan the pages of a website and add them to their search engine. Through this process Google can reach your website thus people can search your website when they will search a topic in Google Search Engine.

Here are some steps, following which you can index and rank your website in Google in a easy way:

Create Sitemap:

A Sitemap is an XML file that lists all the pages on your website. Rank Math Plugin is very helpful for creating Sitemap and it automatically generates Sitemap of your website. Apart from this, we can also create Sitemap manually on our website.

Create your account on Google Search Console and add your website there:

Using Google Search Console tools you can index your website on Google Search Engine, monitor the status of your website and detect any errors. Search by typing Google Search Console in Google Search Engine, which will open the page of Google Search Console in front of you. Now you can go to its Sitemap section and copy the Sitemap which you had already created on your website and paste it into the Sitemap Section of Google Search Console.
In this way Google will get information about the sitemap of your website and it will be ready to index your website.

Quality Content:

Upload only good and quality content on your website. Google likes websites that provide standard and useful information to their users.

Social Media:

Create accounts on prominent social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Social media is a fantastic tool for updating the audience on every newly produced content.

When you post links about your recent pages to the social media site linked with some catchy caption or tagline, search crawlers will recognize and go to it to speed up its indexation procedure.

Internal Linking:

Build internal linking between your pages to help Google understand the structure of your website. Internal links help Google find and index different pages of your website.

Make Backlinks:

If your website has high-quality backlinks, Google will consider it to be essential and will crawl and re-crawl it more quickly than websites with no backlinks.Your value will increase in the eyes of the search engine the more links you obtain from reliable websites.

When you receive a link from another third-party website, the crawlers on that website will follow the link to your website and index it on Google more quickly.

Remove Unnecessary Pages from getting Crawled:

Google Crawler, crawl our website for a limited time so if there will be more pages on the sitemap then it will take longer time for Google crawler to crawl the website and the chances of the pages to get non indexed may increase.

The likelihood is that the crawling of those useful and high-quality pages will be delayed if your sitemap contains a large number of low-quality web pages. You should think about either eliminating the pages or forbidding Google from indexing low quality pages if you have an excessive number of pages with irrelevant and poor content.

Be Patient:

Indexing the website in Google may take time, so be patient and update the contents regularly so that Google crawler, crawl it quite frequently. This will increase the chances our website to get indexed.


It is important to index the website in Google so that your online performance increases and you can serve your users well. By following these simple steps, you can be successful in promoting your website in Google.

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